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Myofunctional Disorder Assessment

  1. Have you ever had a thumb or finger sucking habit?

  2. Have you ever had allergies?

  3. Do you notice that occasionally your mouth is open at rest?

  4. Have you ever had troubles with speech or been in a speech therapy?

  5. Has anyone ever told you that you may be tongue-tied?

  6. Did you have or are you aware of difficulties feeding as an infant?

  7. Have you experienced any issues with digestion (stomach aches, burping, gas, acid reflux, etc)?

  8. Do you notice that you have a hyper-active gag reflex?

  9. Do you have difficulty swallowing pills?

  10. Does it ever feel difficult to breathe and eat or chew food at the same time?

  11. Have you experienced any breathing issues or difficulties,such as, chronic congestion, asthma, seasonal allergies?

  12. Have you had your tonsils removed, or have you been told your tonsils are enlarged?

  13. Do you notice that you tend to breathe through your mouth more often than your nose?

If you answer 'Yes' to any of the following questions, you are likely to have some myofunctional concerns.


If you answer 'Yes' to multiple questions, myofunctional therapy would be recommended.

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